5Element Flow Classes now offered at Village Yoga in Duck, NC

5Elements Vinyasa Flow Teacher Training graduates Jessica Moody and Katie Kennis have opened their beautiful new studio, Village Yoga in Duck, NC. Katie and Jessica are the first graduates of our Kunga Yoga 5Elements Flow teacher training to open a yoga studio with an emphasis on 5Elements Flow Yoga. Jessica is also a certified 200Hour Kunga Yoga teacher.

Village Yoga offers a variety of classes each day including the 5Elements Flow Earth, Water and Fire sequences, and donation based yoga. Each 5Elements Flow practice is based on the teachings of the “panchamahabhutus,” or the five great elements of nature: Earth, Water, Air, Fire & Space within Ayurveda (yoga’s sister science) and help bring balance and well-being to practitioners. 5Elements Flow Yoga is a signature program of the Kunga Yoga school, and all of us at the Wilmington Yoga Center are thrilled and proud to witness and support the success of these two amazingly dedicated yoginis with their new venue for sharing their talent and passion.

jessYoga has influenced Jess to live compassionately from her heart, and she is forever grateful for the inner peace and strength that she has found. Drawing inspiration from her personal practice, along with her students, the ocean, and her love of travel, Jess’ desire is that students will join her in finding balance on and off the mat. She strives to create a spiritual, yet fun practice, while challenging her students to go deeper physically and mentally, to find their ultimate self.

katieGrowing up on the Outer Banks, Katie first discovered the practice of yoga at age 16 through the loving guidance of her yogini mother, Maggie. From then on she was hooked. While completing a BA in Spanish at UNCW and maintaining a strong yoga practice, Katie was deeply influenced by the dynamic Power Vinyasa classes held at the Wilmington Yoga Center.Katie draws her greatest teaching inspiration from the fluidity of the ocean, freedom of her travel adventures, and above all the compassion of her most influential teacher, Mom.

The Earth Flow yoga sequence focuses on grounding, creating stability, and building strength. This is cultivated through a series of hip opening salutations and standing and supine hip-opening postures.

Water Flow is a nurturing, rejuvenating yoga class incorporating fluid vinyasa, tai chi and circular wave motion throughout the body with a focus on soft pacing and instruction. This is a nourishing, slow-flow yoga class with the intent to cultivate inner balance from depletion, stress, and over-stimulation. The fluid movements of this practice lubricate all of the joints in the body and support increased spinal mobility, range of motion, and balance.

Fire Flow is a powerful, motivating vinyasa hot yoga class emphasizing strength and purification! This energetic practice can help with digestion, weight loss and detoxification. Fire represents metabolism, heat, and the practice of “tapas” or discipline. The emphasis of 5Elements Fire Flow is on building heat, and strength through a series of challenging salutations, standing postures, core work and arm balancing.

Stop by and take class with Jess and Katie at their new studio and Like them on Facebook.