New to Yoga? We Were Once, Too.

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Wilmington Yoga is a true community center, open to people of all ages, shapes, sizes, and abilities who wish to deepen their understanding of yoga and healthy lifestyle practices.

Our student base includes seniors, military personnel, professional athletes, soccer moms, corporate executives, college students, celebrities, teachers, teens, and tots. We go to great lengths to create a friendly, non-intimidating environment for anyone who is curious about the amazing benefits of yoga lessons and we love helping beginners explore their first yoga class!

Wilmington Yoga was founded in 2000. Since then, we’ve celebrated two decades of classes, workshops, trainings, and retreats with our amazing community of students.

Since our opening, we’ve enjoyed more than 200,000 visits, taught more than 35,000 classes, and trained more than 1,000 yoga teachers in our 200 hour and 300 hour teacher training programs.

Our flagship location opened in Wilmington in September of 2012 as a 5,000 square foot yoga center that offers world-class lifestyle and teacher training spaces, a new state-of-the-art infrared studio for hot yoga classes, shower facilities, and expanded educational programming.

A unique aspect of our center’s philosophy is that we honor and teach an array of styles and approaches to yoga so that all may enjoy the the benefits. We believe that one size does not fit all, and we go out of our way to escort our students down the path of yoga based on their own individual needs, whether it’s weight loss, reducing back pain, decreasing anxiety, or simply being a part of a fun, growing community.

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What is Hot Yoga?

Try our State-of-the-Art Hot Yoga Studio

Hot yoga is just what it sounds like: practicing yoga postures in a heated room between 85 and 105 degrees Fahrenheit. It is a broad term that can refer to any style of yoga and any kind of yoga class, so long as it takes place in a heated space!

Hot yoga is one of the fastest-growing ways to practice yoga in the world, and not all hot yoga classes are alike. Many methods or styles of hot yoga are named for their founder or founding brand, including Bikram Yoga and Core Power Hot Yoga. Different styles have different approaches to the degree of heat, humidity, and posture choices.

Thanks to our infrared hot yoga facility, we are able to offer a range of signature hot yoga classes including HOT Detox + Hold, HOT 5Elementes Fire Flow, and HOT Slow Flow. We also offer introduction to Yoga programs, Yoga for Seniors and Kids, and a vast array of other yoga classes designed to serve yogis of all levels.

Yoga is a deeply personal practice that requires different approaches for different people. At Wilmington Yoga, we care about tailoring our classes for our student base to cater to an array of needs. All yoga approaches can be beneficial when they are designed with compassion for the needs of each individual and practiced with mindfulness. We offer a fantastic variety of more than 50 signature hot yoga classes weekly to meet the needs of beginner to advanced students, as well as those with specific physical limitations.

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