Corey Bey, ERYT200

corey_stallings-smallCorey Bey, ERYT200, originally from Philadelphia and always inspired by family to live a healthy lifestyle. Corey spent countless hours in gyms throughout his youth. Prior to his fitness career, Corey worked as a Phlebotomist until a back injury manifested due to long hours and lifestyle. Searching for natural remedies, Corey found mental and physical peace through yoga, essential oils, corrective exercise, functional fitness, and chiropractic care. He has since been dedicated to learning and sharing with others the wonders of the human body. Corey began a serious practice in 2010, and just after two months of a steady practice felt physical results that he had began to think were no longer possible. Amazed by re-found physical mobility as well as increased awareness of my mind, body and spirit, he was eager to share the gift of yoga. As soon as the opportunity presented itself he took his first 200 hr teacher training at Dhyana Yoga in Philadelphia, from which he graduated in January 2012 and has been teaching since.