Danielle LeBlanc, ERYT500

Danielle Suber 4.15.16

Danielle began her yoga practice in 2013 as a way to supplement her dance training. She completed the 200-hr Kunga Lifestyle and Teacher Training in 2015 and the Kunga Therapeutic Essentials 300-hr program in 2018. She was a Kunga Yoga School Apprentice under the mentorship of Jamie Annette, Allie Lloyd, and Kristin Cooper and is a co-leader of the 200-hr Kunga Lifestyle and Teacher Training. Other influential teachers include Tra Kirkpatrick, Jeffrey Shoaf, David Emerson, Holle Black, Marlysa Sullivan, and Noelle Whittington.

With advanced training in Pre-Natal and Restorative Yoga, as well as Anatomy, Ayurveda, Pranayama, Chronic Pain, Yoga for Trauma, and Yoga for Healthy Aging, Danielle is passionate about offering Yoga as healing modality for PTSD. She has worked with a variety of populations in both private and public settings, but found offering yoga at Open Gate Women’s Shelter to be particularly rewarding.
In her personal practice, Danielle found that yoga offers tremendous healing for both mind and body and seeks to facilitate that process for her students. In her class, one can expect to explore intention with every pose. Danielle believes in honoring the practice with purpose and using the practice therapeutically as a way of bringing imbalance into balance – whether those imbalances are manifested physically, emotionally, energetically, or spiritually.