Elizabeth Feck, RYT200

An avid yoga practitioner for over ten years, Elizabeth Feck, RYT200 has felt at home as a student at the Wilmington Yoga Center since moving to Wilmington in 2010. Encouraged by teachers including Larry Hobbs, Holler Brown, and Elizabeth Cramond, Elizabeth’s personal practice has mixed hot power classes and hot slow flow classes at WYC with ashtanga yoga. Eager to grow her knowledge of yoga’s rich history and deepen her understanding of anatomy, Elizabeth enrolled and completed her Kunga yoga teacher training in December 2018 under Kristin Cooper-Gulack and Jessica Bichler. The teacher training offered her a chance to observe in other students what she experiences and loves when on her mat – opportunities for a moving meditation where the mind is present and focused, and the body builds strength and flexibility. She is excited to offer students a space to develop their practice with deliberate movements and focused breathwork to create deeper harmony between mind and body.