Katelyn Wilke, RYT200

Katelyn Wilke, RYT200 was first introduced to Yoga after being invited to a hot yoga class by her sister in 2010. She has been hooked ever since for the calming and sense of grounding she felt in that class during a trialing time.  She is a graduate of the 200hr Program through the Wilmington Yoga Center. She trained under Jamie Annette, Heather Metzler and Jess Bichler. She is currently finishing up her 300hr track in therapeutic yoga. She hopes to bring the sense of grounding and calming effect that she experienced in her first class to others. Katelyn views Yoga as a type of meditation in movement; while encouraging the use of our breath to help center ourselves and really listen to what our hearts are conveying. She hopes to help her community in seeing Yoga as a way to connect with ourselves and others on a deeper level.