Trey Barefoot, ERYT200

Trey is drawn to yoga for it’s fascinating ability to empower the student. He began his path toward healing in a high school gym class and then continued practicing at Seaside Yoga and Wilmington Yoga Center for a few years. After graduating from Seaside Yoga’s teacher training in 2009, he completed a second teacher training at the Costa Rica Yoga Spa in Nosara the following year. Since then, he has taught public classes and led retreats in Australia, Hawaii, Mexico, Costa Rica, and Wilmington. He loves teaching at beach resorts and for the past two years he has taught Stand-up Paddleboard Yoga on the magical haven of Block Island, Rhode Island.

Trey’s focus is on the spiritual and psychosomatic power of yoga. Whether he is teaching gentle Restorative, or Power Flow, he strives to weave simple breathwork techniques, and the theme of unconditional acceptance into each and every class.

His deepest desire is to paint the physical body as a perfect conduit for universal energy, or life force, to move throughout. Trey uses yoga as a reminder that deep beneath the layers of mind, there is an unlimited wellspring of worthiness and passion inside each of us.