Trey Barefoot, ERYT200

Trey Barefoot is an ERYT200 teacher with a background in Yoga Therapeutics and Anusara Yoga. He began studying yoga under Tricia Miller in 2007, and developed a passionate practice while working and studying at Seaside Yoga the following year. In 2010, he earned his certification from Seaside Yoga School in Nosara, Costa Rica. He then traveled the world teaching and living in Hawaii, Australia, New Zealand, and most recently, Costa Rica. Trey is a lead trainer for 200-hour Kunga Yoga Teacher Trainings in Raleigh and the Outer Banks, as well as service retreats in India and Costa Rica. He is working toward his 500-hour Kunga Yoga certification in Service and Leadership. Trey’s style is as eclectic as his passport: he mixes mudra, meditation, flow, stillness, anatomy, spirituality, and even bioenergetics, sometimes all in the same class. His workshops on the subject of self-realization and personal growth are a blend of deep inquiry, guided visualization, partner work, journaling, and movement exploration. Trey is truly unique and thoroughly delicious. He adds a dash of humor, and a splash of compassion, to the fascinating journey of embracing your Self. His classes are an invitation for you to reconnect with your senses, your creativity, and your inner bliss.