Be Here Now

It’s easy to check out these days. There are tempting distractions everywhere. We space out on Facebook. We zone out in front of the TV. We put food in our mouths without thinking. We spend time on destructive vices. Even yoga & other exercise can be an “escape” from real life. We seek fun, we avoid “work”. Chores are rushed through. We multi-task and half-@** everything.

Instead of wishing we were somewhere else, doing something else, we can make everything a mindfulness practice.

Let’s use the example of washing the dishes. First, commit to staying with the act of washing the dishes. Think about the experience. How does it feel? Hot? Cold? Slimy? Weird? What do you notice?

Next, think about why you’re doing what you’re doing: perhaps because you value having a clean house, nourishing your body and cooking at home.

Finally, practice gratitude: for clean running water and dishes, a house to live in and cook in. We can spend the days begrudgingly moving through tasks because we think we have to. OR.. we can realize we are making a choice that serves us. We can do each task well, and with our full attention.

It may sound ridiculous, but the truth is in the everyday moments. Not just the elation we feel after yoga practice. You can be here now.

Meg James
WYC Faculty Teaching Assistant