Choosing Between a Yoga Class Series or Drop-In Class

If you are beginning your yoga practice, there are many options/styles of yoga available for you to choose from.  Ashtanga, anusara, bikram, and vinyasa are just a few of the yoga disciplines available.  These options, while wonderful, can make picking the right yoga class a challenge.  Varied yoga styles, teachers, and schedules can affect the results of one’s yoga studies.  Yoga classes themselves offer different structures.  For example, yoga classes can be performed in a series or individually, so that they may be taken anytime one is free.  So how does one choose?

Pick Your Optimal Number of Yoga Classes

Yoga teachers say that one of the most common questions they hear pertains to the amount of time needed to devote to yoga practices before results materialize. (1)  In truth, this is a hard question to answer and it varies from person to person.  Many new yoga students seek yoga because they have health problems, so results may come slower; but there are also others who simply want to reduce stress that could see gains faster.

When one does yoga once a week, the benefits will be less and gains will come slower. When one chooses to do yoga twice a week, one can gain ground quicker. However, if one really wants to see improvements, yoga should be practiced at least three times a week. (2)  Doing so will allow one to see physical results in the body, as well as experience the other many benefits of practicing yoga regularly.  If one wishes to practice yoga more than three times a week, one should take care never to push past one’s limits. Even with yoga practices, it is important that you let your body heal and rest so that it can absorb the true benefits of this exercise.

Regular Studio Classes vs. Drop-In-Anytime Programs

Most people have hectic schedules and to-do lists that are a mile long.  As such, finding the time for yoga classes can be challenging. In these circumstances, simply dropping in for a yoga class whenever feasible works for many people. However, it is essential to practice yoga regularly if one wants to see improvements. (3)  This holds especially true for beginners because they are learning a new exercise for their bodies and a way to maintain a healthier lifestyle.

If one can, one should practice at least three times a week. A regular yoga practice provides the structure and assistance required to properly learn the correct sequence and alignment. Consistency is necessary. For example, performing sun salutations for 20 minutes daily will yield many more benefits than doing other strength training exercises once a week.

One’s desire to learn is more important than anything else. If one truly wishes to be healthier and achieve fitness goals, devoting as much time and energy as possible to one’s yoga practice is essential.

Overall, when yoga is practiced more often, an advanced yogi practice is sure to follow. Completing a yoga class three times a week has more benefits than unscheduled programs.