Corporate Yoga Offerings

from Wilmington Yoga Center

Achieving a state of flow, in your workflow.

A flow state is a concept in positive psychology in which a person performing an activity is fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus, full of involvement, and enjoyment in the process of the activity.

Yoga and Meditation set the stage for achieving a State of Flow and excellent health.

Big Picture Benefits to your Company

– Employees miss less work and work more efficiently.

– They have access to more energy and creative thinking to innovate.

– They experience more intrinsic fulfillment and overall job satisfaction.

Your team is worth this investment! Help them live a long, happy and healthy life and we promise you will see the difference in your company’s culture.

1. For every 1 minute spent in mediation we gain back 9 minutes of productivity.

2. The Mayo Clinic says that sitting at a desk all day is as bad for your health as obesity or smoking.

3. Yoga promotes blood flow to the brain, eases pain, and minimizes the risk of injury in daily activities.

What we offer to support you and your team

  • Discounted access to all of our live in studio (Wilmington NC) and virtual streaming classes

    • Best to support employee wellbeing on or off the clock with absolutely no logistical support on your end.
  • Specialized Desk/Chair and Meditation/Mindfulness virtual classes and courses

    • Best to offer your employees a mini break to boost energy and positivity, without the need to leave the office or change clothes.
  • Live in-person (on site or in studio) or Live Streaming group classes exclusively for your team

    • Best for team building and establishing strong connection to yoga in a supportive environment.


New to Yoga?