Online Classes

Join us in our virtual studio for our LIVE online classes!

Students will be required to pre-register 30 minutes before the start of class so that we may share the link to the virtual classroom. If you have a current pass (or membership) you may use that for any class. Otherwise drop-ins and class cards can be purchased and used for online classes.

Things You Need to Know

  • Register as normal on MindBody, using the website, the app, or by calling the studio. (Remember, you can use your class series or membership, or purchase a drop-in).
  • Make a free Zoom account. This can be done on your phone, tablet or your computer. Make a note of your login + password for next time!
  • Check your inbox! 30 minutes before the start of class you will receive your login credentials for signing in. Please sign in a few minutes before class so the teacher can give you any updates.
  • Note: Please be sure to mute your microphone once class starts.

View our schedule for ONLINE classes now!