Heading South for the winter

Southern Coast of Kerala

Tara and I took a quick trip to Somatheeram Ayurvedic Beach Resort, Kovulum to visit friends Shiva (leading the yoga retreat at Somatheeram) & Sonia (from Cologne, Germany). Beautiful dinner overlooking the ocean and watching the Kathika traditional Indian dance and local musicians- Shiva invited us to watch her morning Kalari practice (Indian martial art) in beautiful “earth pit” temple. Both Tara and I had amazing ayurvedic treatments, and fabulous ayurvedic meals-including coconut water straight from the coconut, picked off right off the local trees. The resort felt like a beautiful jungle with thatched roof huts and stone pathways-had a nice morning practice w/Shiva then back on the road to Kochin, and wondering how the girls were doing… they are so easy to miss! ?

Another plus for the trip… Irshad, our driver, was fantastic-a sweet 21 year old with broken English and a great sense of humor. He was just excited about seeing the elephants one foot away from our car windows as we were.