Hot Date? Try Private Couples Yoga Lessons At WYC!


Dating apps are all the rage. Why bother hitting on people at the bar or accepting a blind date with your best friend’s cousin’s brother when you could just swipe on the first pretty face in a five mile radius?

Private Couples Yoga Lessons Are The New Dinner And A Movie

Once you get a date with that Tinder hottie of your dreams, it’s time to think about what you’re actually going to do together. You’re practically strangers, after all. You won’t want to invite them over to your house just yet, and the old “dinner and a movie” shtick is worn out. So why not try yoga classes at Wilmington Yoga Center?

Instead of just sitting around and drinking wine with your new love interest, you could be strengthening your relationship (and your muscles) with private couples yoga lessons at Wilmington Yoga Center.

Our private couples yoga lessons offer all the intimacy of a spa date but without the awkward silences and fluffy robes. Instead, you’ll be treated to a one-on-one yoga class with an instructor who’ll show you some creative new couples yoga poses.

Private couples yoga lessons are ideal for new couples as well as those who’ve only been together for a few weeks. Because yoga classes with a partner involve trust as well as strength, they’ve been shown to help deepen the level of intimacy you feel with your special someone.

If you’re a little intimidated by the idea of trying private yoga lessons as your first date, you could always sign up for a few group yoga lessons at Wilmington Yoga Center before the big night! Then, when it comes time to “savasana” you can impress your date by knowing exactly what that means.

Try something new! Schedule a private couples yoga lesson at Wilmington Yoga Center today.