Hot Detox & Hold Yoga Class

Hot Detox & Hold Yoga Class

Our Hot Detox & Hold Yoga class is one of four signature HOT yoga classes we offer at the Wilmington Yoga Center!

If you attend this class, you can expect a quiet, yet strong and steady hot yoga class for students wishing to strengthen and detoxify the body The room is heated to 99+ degrees. Hot Detox & Hold is a series of postures that work every major muscle group in the body, and are held for a period of one to two minutes each. Hot Detox & Hold is not a vinyasa flow practice; the emphasis within Hot Detox & Hold is on sustaining the series of postures. The Hot Detox & Hold sequence is a set sequence of postures and breathing techniques based on Ayurveda and the seasons. The same set sequence of postures is taught for the entire season, so that the practitioner may note their progress.  Due to the amount of time spent holding the postures and working on alignment, Hot Detox & Hold classes are perfect for beginner and intermediate practitioners easing their way into a hot practice.

Learn more about out Hot Detox & Hold yoga class by reading more here or watching the video below!

A special THANK YOU to all of our participants from our community who helped the making of this film!  In no particular order:

  • Joshua Prindiville
  • Heather Metzler, 200RYT
  • Amy Andrews, 200RYT
  • Lexi Paulos, 200RYT
  • Sean Hickey
  • Lon Layton
  • Stuart Capps, 200RYT
  • Keegan White, 200RYT