Invest in Yoga Teacher Training This Summer!

If you’ve been practicing yoga for a long period of time, then you might be looking for ways to push yourself to new heights. Maybe you’ve been attending hot yoga classes, or perhaps you’ve been working on a pose that’s been difficult for you since the day you started. In today’s post, we’ll explain why yoga teacher training is an excellent next step in your practice that can push you to better not just yourself, but others as well. We’ll also provide you with information about our 200- and 300-hour training programs offered later this summer.

If you’re interested in learning more about our teacher training programs, or if you’re simply looking for a yoga studio in Wilmington, then feel free to drop by or get in touch with us using this page!

Why You Should Become a Yoga Teacher

Your Practice Will Improve

As a yoga student, you have the freedom to pick and choose which poses you practice — at least to a certain extent. You might have a few that you don’t like, or several that you’re not quite confident enough to try. When you become a yoga teacher, you’re forced to confront and master advanced poses, including those that you’ve been avoiding. You’ll also have to go back and revisit some of the most basic poses, as knowing how to do something and teaching it are two completely different skills.

You’ll Inspire Others

Did you have a yoga teacher who inspired you to keep improving? Maybe they’re a teacher at Wilmington Yoga Center, or perhaps they’re at a studio in another part of the U.S. No matter where they teach, you’ll never forget how much they inspired you when you first began practicing yoga. They helped you perfect difficult poses, suggested helpful stretches, and gave you tips that ultimately helped you get where you are today. You can give that same inspiration to someone else when you invest in yoga teacher training!

You’ll Build Confidence

You don’t have to do much planning or talking as a student. If you wanted, you could simply show up at the yoga studio, go through the routine, and leave as quietly as you came in. Things are quite different when you become a yoga teacher. As the leader in the room, you’ll be in a position that requires you to learn how to simultaneously guide others while you perform poses along with them. You’ll become a more confident public speaker, and you’ll also develop relationships with people from many different walks of life. If you’ve always wanted to become a more competent public speaker and make new friends, then this is the perfect opportunity!

200- and 300-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Options

Wilmington Yoga Center offers both 200- and 300- hour yoga teacher training classes in Wilmington. Our first 200-hour teacher training course begins July 8, and our first 300-hour session begins on July 19.

We have courses that begin later in the summer, so be sure to check out the respective pages if you’re interested in the 200- or 300-hour courses.

We can’t wait to help you deepen your yoga practice and take the next step in your journey!

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