Is Private Yoga for You?

Ready to dive a little deeper into your practice? Private Yoga may be for you!

Yoga is a combination of mental, spiritual, and physical exercises. A popular and well-received form of exercise, classes teaching yoga have popped up all across the world. Dozens of different types of yoga including hot yoga, Hatha, Ashtanga, and Iyengar are practiced in groups and by individuals. Group classes offer an opportunity to build a community based on yoga. However, private instruction takes the training and technique a step further with individualized one-on-one sessions.

Personalized Sessions

When taking private yoga instruction, one has more control over the pace and direction of the sessions. The student can choose to host the instruction at home or go to yoga classes in a location that’s convenient. For new moms, weight conscious individuals, or busy business owners, the ability to practice yoga professionally in the home or office ensures consistent opportunity for exercise. Additionally, when working with a private instructor, sessions can be scheduled to best fit individual schedules rather than organizing one’s day around a yoga studio calendar.

Advancement in Yoga

Private instruction can offer the push needed to take one’s yoga practice to a more advanced level. While a group session requires a single instructor to watch several students, a private session means the instructor has both eyes concentrated on one person. A private instructor will give personalized help on particular aspects and skills that one needs to develop in order to become a more advanced yoga student.

Encouraging a More Powerful Workout

Yoga offers a range of exercises from mental stretches to powerful feats of physical movement. If interested in using yoga as a way to burn calories and increase overall physical fitness levels, opt for private sessions. The instructor will be able to design a physically demanding yoga workout that is tailor-made for an individual’s strength and fitness level. As a plus, instructors will be right there- offering motivation and challenges that will force any yogi to the limit.

Opportunity to Explore New Methods

What if someone began studying Iyengar yoga, but now wanted to try a new type of yoga? Having a private instructor can grant one liberties to delve into new yoga techniques. When choosing a private instructor, ask what types of yoga they have experience with, especially if interested in exploring new methods. Learn which types of yoga are best suited for individual needs and personality without having to go to a new studio or to start fresh with a new group.

Become the Best

When practicing yoga, it is essential to have someone evaluate every move. Otherwise, poses like Warrior III or Downward Dog may cause injury rather than invigoration. Some moves, such as the Plough Pose or the Crane Pose, can be nearly impossible to achieve correctly without one-on-one attention as one flips and folds into position. Whether just starting out, or a seasoned yoga student, having a private instructor allows an individual to be the best one can personally be at yoga.

A yoga student can certainly benefit from a group session. However, the benefits of practicing yoga with a trained professional in an individualized setting are plentiful. Additionally, by investing in private lessons, this naturally ensures that a student is more willing to learn and practice. Serious yoga students truly benefit from private instruction.