Outdoor Yoga: Location Ideas

Many agree that performing yoga exercises and routines outside brings an added layer of experience to the activity, both physically and mentally. The physical senses pick up the motion of the wind, sounds, air, smells and temperature far more outside then in a controlled inside environment. This environment can be particularly helpful when practicing breathing techniques and meditation. As a result, some common locations make great spots to practice yoga- depending on the weather and the time of day.

The Local Park

Just about every city and town has a park with wide space available to the public. That being said, parks have different levels of activity each day. For yoga and meditation practice, the early morning may be the best time to practice yoga at the park. The sunrise helps warm the area, the park itself is usually empty and peaceful and sometimes the resident animals will even show themselves before retiring for the daytime. Take note, many times in the morning the grass is wet- so bring a yoga mat.

Apartment Rooftops

In many cities, buildings have flat rooftops, which make great outdoor surfaces. On a good day, these locations enjoy outdoor weather high above the street level- with plenty of air and sun. A yoga practice can easily take shape on a building top with only a mat.

Hill Tops

For yoga with a view, hill tops make great locations- bringing one’s focus to a wider environment. The elevation allows the practitioner to keep a distance from passers by, while still allowing an awesome view- everything from almost a 360-degree perspective. This type of location can be particularly interesting with wind, air, breathing, sun warmth, and solitude.


Practicing yoga on a lake beach can be very enlightening. The sound of the nearby water provides a natural rhythm that can be used for meditation and focusing, as well breathing practice. The morning and evening twilight times tend to be the calmest period for most large lakes.

The Ocean

Along the same lines as a lake, the ocean beach can be another good yoga location. The wind off the ocean provides extra sensory stimulation, especially with the sea salt essence.


Most campsites tend to be in secluded areas in the country or rural settings. A person can easily find a peaceful, secluded location at a campsite to practice yoga forms and focus without interruption. Just watch out for possible wildlife interference in more secluded areas.

One’s Own Backyard

For those just starting yoga, one’s own backyard space can be the perfect outdoor location to practice in. It allows one to understand how the outside environment can entirely change the sensory experience while practicing yoga. The backyard also provides a sense of privacy or safety if a person is worried about any unexpected interactions while meditating. Not to mention, when finished, getting a drink or something to eat is just a matter of stepping inside.