Private Yoga Sessions

Start, Deepen, or Expand Your Yoga Practice


Private yoga classes at Wilmington Yoga Center are carefully designed to focus on your specific needs such as alignment, philosophy, core stabilization, relaxation, and injury rehabilitation. Private yoga classes are one-on-one, or may be booked as a semi-private with two or more people.

Standard Rates

Individual Private:

$75 1 Hour Session
$115 1.5 Hour Session

Semi-Private (2 or more people):

$115 1 Hour Session (up to 6 people)
$170 1.5 Hour Session or private group class (up to 6 people)
$25 equipment charge for off-site private sessions

Package Rates

Individual Private:

$150 Newcomer Package of Three 1 hour privates for the price of Two (Save $75)
$420 Package of Six 1 hour privates (Save $30)
$640 Package of Six 1.55 hour privates (Save $50)
$1,300 Package of Twenty 1 hour privates (Save $200)
$2,000 Package of Twenty 1.5 hour privates (Save $300)

Semi-Private (2 or more people):

$640 Package of Six 1hr semi-private (Save $50)
$2,000 Package of Twenty 1hr semi-private (Save $300)

Private yoga classes may be scheduled with any of our certified teachers.

Cancellation Policy:
Private sessions must be cancelled 24 hours in advance or students will be charged for the full rate of the session.

Why Private Yoga?

Wilmington Yoga Center private yoga sessions are a beautiful way to start, deepen, or expand your yoga practice. WYC private sessions are an investment in your own personal growth and pace. Our certified yoga instructors are able to take their attention and care and focus it solely on your practice, catering each practice on what you are in need of, and what areas of your practice you’d like to deepen.

WYC private yoga sessions are open to all levels of experience, regardless of where you are in your personal practice. During your private sessions, you’ll work together with your instructor to fine tune your alignment, set new goals, or address health concerns or injuries. This is your time, we want you to feel comfortable in your body, in your mind, and in your practice.


Be Able To Practice Yoga Anywhere, Even at Work
We’re happy to program yoga classes for corporate settings, wedding parties, birthday parties, or simply a private yoga class for friends. Group sessions may be held at our studio or on-site at our Wilmington facility.

You don’t have to do your private yoga classes in a studio or at your home. If you prefer, you can have an instructor come to your workplace and provide sessions there. Office yoga programs have been proven to make employees more effective. The benefits of yoga at work stretch far beyond just improved productivity. These classes also improve business communications. This is because it relaxes and refreshes employees, keeping them calm and lifting their moods. Book your private yoga class and try doing your yoga at work!


  • Gaining initial experience in a safe environment for beginners. If you’re completely new to yoga, you might find group classes a little overwhelming. When the rest of the class already knows what to do, you may be struggling to keep up. But with a private yoga instructor, the class is all about YOU.
  • Those with health conditions who can benefit from yoga classes specifically designed for their needs. Some people find that a quiet, individual yoga class is much more comfortable for them. With no one else around, you don’t have to feel self-conscious about being watched or worried that you won’t be able to keep up with the class. This way, your yoga practice can be calm, relaxing, and meditative. Just the way it’s supposed to be!
  • Those who feel out of shape and need a slow and personally designed yoga program to move them towards optimal health.
  • Those who are in pain or have restrictions and need to move beyond their limitations.
  • Those who would like to focus on a particular aspect of yoga with which the instructor is particularly familiar, such as beginner through advanced asanas (postures), pranayama (breathwork), or self-inquiry.
  • Preparing yourself for group classes. Some people prefer to do private classes on a permanent basis. However, others simply use them to prepare themselves to join a group setting later down the line. You can work with an instructor to get all the basics nailed down, priming you for bigger and more social classes.

During Covid Times Private Yoga Sessions Can:

• Allow you the opportunity to practice safely in your home.
• Allow you the opportunity to practice in person safely with only one or two people in the studio with you.
• Allow you a healthy outlet to process all that is occurring in the world, allowing you to keep your mental and physical health in good shape.
• Allow you the gift of connection, with yourself and your teacher.
• Plan it around your schedule rather than waiting for a group class.



For the simplest method of booking a private yoga class, please purchase one or more private sessions here. Then, fill out and submit the wellness questionnaire at the bottom of this page. Upon receipt, you will be contacted shortly to schedule your first private yoga class. (Be sure to check out the newcomers options!

If you have questions or need more support, please call our Front Desk at 910-350-0234. If you call after hours, leave a message with your appointment request details and we will return your call.

For unique requests or off-site private sessions, please call or send a request via e-mail to

We request a 24-hour advance notice on cancellations for private yoga classes. Please review our cancellation policy below.

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