School Daze

We’ve been so impressed with the school for the children. The girls from the orphanage mix right in with the children from the community, and they all wear the same uniforms. Tara and I actually noticed that in some of the classrooms we observed, “our girls” (from Home of Hope) were more disciplined than some of the public kids. Of course we were probably a little biased, but they truly did seem to have a more serious attitude, and gratitude for their teachers/studies/desire to learn. Overall, Loren, Tara and I were all very surprised at the fluency. They love practicing speaking English and are eager to prove how much they know. We were also pleasantly surprised to see that they really wanted to learn songs and dances from us. Tara and I taught them “Head, shoulders, knees, and toes” and “The Ocean Refuses No River”, as well as teaching them the electric slide.

Loren got lots of giggles from the girls when he showed of his moves in our couple’s dances… It’s been so much fun watching the giddiness of the girls around “husband and wife”. They were very excited to see our wedding DVD, and we’ve tried to explain to them how special it’s been to share our honeymoon with them… what a gift they are to US!