Spring Yoga Apparel

Tote bag and yoga mat- check! Time in the schedule to get in that yoga class- check! The commitment to an awesome form of exercise that has amazing health benefits- check! The only thing left is the question- what to wear?

Yoga is definitely considered a workout exercise and that could lead to a false assumption that sweatshirts and sweatpants will be just fine.  Not exactly true.  Sweats are not the ideal wardrobe for performing yoga exercises. Yoga should not be confused with running or dancing exercises. Remember, yoga focuses on poses that stretch the body. Appropriate clothing will definitely help one’s inner yogi go the distance.

For yoga purposes, clothing shouldn’t be restrictive. Clothing should stretch with the body as one moves freely into each different pose. Lightweight and comfortable materials are hitting the fashion market just in time for the spring yoga classes.

Check out these yoga apparel trends hitting the scene for 2014.

Yoga Trend #1: Transitional Clothing Is In

Just because yoga is an exercise doesn’t mean the clothing has to be bulky and unattractive. Instead, people are looking into clothing that is stylish and can be worn after the yoga practice is over as one goes about the day. Yoga pants teamed with a stylish shirred yoga tank allow one to wear it at yoga class and then to the grocery store to do some shopping.

Yoga Trend #2: Layering Works Great In Spring

With spring weather always fluctuating from sunny 70 degrees one day to 40 degrees another day, layering clothing works best for yoga individuals who want to stay warm outside while being able to sweat during their yoga practice. Yoga pants and a tank teamed with a blazer or hoodie gives one a fashionable touch and functionality- all in a trendy style.

Yoga Trend #3: Pamper Your Feet Indoors

Some people prefer never to go barefoot.  They simply hate not having something on their feet- even when indoors.  For yoga, one needs footwear that is flexible and allows for comfortable stretching. Indoor ballet flats have been making their way into yoga classes because they allow for clean feet while practicing and offer foot flexibility.  A little known fact and benefit- ballet flats can absorb sweat and mask foot odor.

Yoga Trend #4: It Doesn’t Have To Be Skin Tight

When arriving at yoga class, one may notice that most of the people wear tight-fitting leggings.  But not everyone is comfortable showing off their shapely figures. Some individuals feel that tight leggings cause them to constantly fidget and adjust while trying to practice yoga. Poses aren’t fun when materials are riding up one’s legs.  Don’t fear!  Take heart. Colorful, boot cut yoga pants buck the leggings and give legs more freedom without restricting any movements.

Yoga Trend #5: Capri Pants Capture The Essence Of Spring

As the warmer spring weather approaches, people put away their sweatpants and taking out shorts and capri-type pants. Yoga enthusiasts will flock to the newest trend in capri-length pants.  Pants that have front patch pockets and drawstring waists, which makes them the perfect yoga pant for class.  They are also casual enough to be worn anywhere. Made in vibrant colors and patterns, one can surely find a pair that suits each individual personality.

It’s no longer necessary to change clothing when going from yoga class to running daily errands. Instead, choose stylish yoga apparel that is becoming increasingly more versatile.  One can accommodate a busy lifestyle and show off great fashion sense.