There will be hammocks

your yoga practice will deepen
Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned practitioner, doing yoga once or twice a day with an experienced yoga teacher will expand your body’s capabilities further than you think is possible. At a retreat, distractions tend to be less prevalent, and the teachings can sink in more fully.

to create a new perspective
Going to a new place allows you to see the world, and your self in a new light. Stepping out of your comfort zone and experiencing the unknown is the best way to grow, learn, and shift your perspective. Being on a yoga retreat allows you to break bad habits and step out of your routine. This new perspective and growth is easily translated into your home life when you return. Life doesn’t begin until you step out of your comfort zone.

Getting out of town gives you the opportunity to shut off your smart phones, tablets, ipads, and computers for a refreshing digital detox. When you find yourself not constantly checking your facebook, posting on Instagram, and tweeting, you are able to find yourself more present and able to appreciate the present.

to facilitate healing and transformation
If you are feeling physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually stressed or burnt out you can pretty much guarantee that you will benefit from going on a yoga retreat. Being on a yoga retreat will re-charge your batteries and will help you find balance. Finding balance is the first step to begin the healing process. As you reconnect with your inner self you will be able to get clear on your core values, passions and heart felt desires. Yes, you can transform your life in any way, and a yoga retreat provides the perfect environment to support the transformation process.

you are worth it
Making the decision to spend a full week based solely on your own development with no worries or hassle can be scary, especially if you have been looking after other people. With a busy and hectic life we can easily forget that taking time out and rebooting should not be a luxury but a necessity for a happy, fulfilled and productive life. You deserve to invest in yourself, to fill up your own cup so you have more to give to those you love when you return.

The best reason to go on a yoga retreat is no reason at all, you just want to.

This retreat is designed for you to experience untainted bliss and all the benefits listed above in one of the most beautiful places in the world – Nosara, Costa Rica – with two of the most amazing instructors Kristin Cooper-Gulak and Noelle Cavenaugh. With daily yoga for all levels, live music, delicious meals and plenty of time to relax, explore, watch the sunset, take a nap in a hammock and surf!

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