Tips for Beginning Yoga — Part II

For many people, beginning yoga can be an intimidating and difficult experience. From walking into the yoga studio for the first time to experiencing the difficulty of even the most basic poses, it’s easy to become discouraged.

We provided you with three tips for beginning yoga in a previous post, and in today’s post, we’ll continue to explore that same topic. When you’ve finished reading this post, be sure to call or come by our yoga studio in Wilmington to sign up for our 30 days of yoga for $30 deal! There’s no better way to improve your practice than showing up to our yoga studio regularly, so sign up for as many of our Wilmington yoga classes as you like! Read on to learn how you can become a more competent and competent yoga student!

Eat After Your Practice

Whether you’re attending an early morning session or you’re going after work in the evening, you should always try to go to the yoga studio on an empty stomach. You’ll be twisting, turning, and bending in a variety of ways, and a full belly will almost surely be uncomfortable and physically limiting. If you do need to eat before your session, try to keep your snack light and healthy. A handful of almonds or a piece of fruit will do nicely!

Focus on the Practice 

If you’re like most people, then you’re probably at least a little competitive. Perhaps you regularly play sports, or maybe you have a streak of perfectionism running through your veins. We leave all of this behind in our Wilmington yoga classes. Our yoga studio is a place of peace, acceptance, and self-care, and we recommend that you focus solely on your own journey whenever you’re on the mat. Everyone has their own strengths and limitations, so do your best to accept yourself as you are instead of comparing yourself to more advanced practitioners. Everyone starts as a beginner, so just remember that practicing is the only way to improve!

Put Your Phone Away

It’s no secret that our society is more distracted than ever before. Smartphones are amazing, but they have led to a constant connection to messaging and social media applications, which means that many of us spend our free time buried in our phones. While the mental health effects of social media usage are still being studied, preliminary findings suggest that these applications fragment our attention and decrease our happiness. Put your phone away or leave it at home before your yoga session. Notifications and buzzing are a distraction to you and the people around you, so leave your phone in the car or turn it off before you walk into the yoga studio.

We hope that this post will help you become more confident and optimistic about your yoga practice. While you’re still on our website, be sure to take the time to sign up for 30 days of yoga for just $30! There’s no better way to improve than consistent practice — we look forward to seeing you in our Wilmington yoga classes soon!

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