Upcoming 2017 Yoga Workshops

About Wilmington Yoga

Established in 2000, Wilmington Yoga has offered classes, workshops, teacher trainings and retreats for its community of students. It honors and teaches a wide array of styles based upon students’ individual needs whether it’s weight loss, reducing back pain, decreasing anxiety, or simply being a part of a fun growing community.  Classes are for students of all ages and all levels.

Why Take a Yoga Workshop?

Group Sitting at a Yoga Workshop
In addition to your routine yoga classes, which already offer information on poses(asanas), pranayama(breathing techniques) and dhyana(meditation), why not dive a little deeper and take a yoga workshop? This type of setting gives you an opportunity to receive more personalized attention from an experienced yoga teacher. Yoga workshops also give new or different insight to a practice you’re already passionate about. And you can hone in on a subject that truly interests you. The topics vary from workshops that focus on specific families of asanas(such as backbends) to different meditation techniques(mindful walking is quite an experience) to learning how to practice or teach yoga for therapeutic needs(why not chair yoga?); some workshops are a full weekend, others 2-3 hours – the possibilities are endless!

Check out some upcoming 2017 yoga workshops at Wilmington Yoga Center:

Kunga Kids Yoga Teacher Training with Jess Bichler March 24-26:
This 18 hour training will equip certified yoga teachers, classroom educators and caregivers with the skills to incorporate breathing, asana, and mindfulness practices into playful, child-centered yoga classes. It will engage participants in discussion, games, activities, songs, creative movement and guided visualization.

Posture Clinic for Back Care with Jess Hartmann March 25:
This 2 hour posture clinic will break down some of the foundational yoga postures to educate you on how to move safely on your mat so that yoga may be a lifelong practice. Through lecture, demonstration, and practice you will learn how to maintain a yoga practice that encourages optimal health and safety of your spine.

Detox Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training with Keegan White April 21-23:
This workshop will teach you asanas, pranayamas, and various forms of movement that will help release built up toxins in the body, creating a cleansing effect and moving you towards clarity of the mind and freedom in the body.

Yoga For Trauma + PTSD Teacher Training with David Emerson April 28-30:
This 3-day yoga teacher training will cover Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and the impact of trauma on the brain and the body, current treatments and the subjective experience of the survivor. The workshop focus will be on why and how to modify yoga to make it more trauma-sensitive.

So, if you’re looking for inspiration both on and off your mat, expand your horizons and sign up for one of our 2017 yoga workshops!