Will Yoga Keep You Healthy?

Staying healthy and fit is a desire many people have, and those who practice yoga are no different. Practicing yoga can maintain good health, but also offers so much more.  It represents and incorporates a fundamental balance of physical and mental performance.

How exactly does yoga improve on’e health? Yoga helps improve health in four different ways:

  • Cardiovascular performance
  • Strength-building
  • Flexibility
  • Improved body composition

Cardiovascular Performance

Many of yoga’s forms, movements and exercises are uniquely designed to settle, strengthen and improve cardiovascular performance. Yoga can teach one the ability to breathe better and in an improved manner over time- through coordinated breathing exercises while holding positions, stretches and more. That, over time, helps to create a stronger internal system for bringing oxygen into the body. It also helps reduce heart problems, cholesterol buildup, and minimizes weakened blood vessels.


Long-term yoga redefines the body and its ability to hold positions, weight, angles and forms. Using the body’s own weight as resistance, the entire body- from the core to the legs and arms- builds itself  up.  Strengthening the muscles allows us to do more, even as we age. Muscle-building also helps a person burn more calories everyday- reducing or preventing weight gain. Additionally, pulled muscles, strains and sprains and ligament twists injuries are drastically reduced with the practice of yoga.

Better Flexibility

Yoga is known for developing and increasing flexibility, especially in the back, core and limbs. The stretching and position-holding present in yoga helps people perform better without tissue or ligament tears.  Increased stretching also allows the body’s muscles to handle greater strain without injury as they can be stretched farther without damage.

Overall Body Makeup

Yoga provides a comprehensive approach to body development and balance. Over time it will change a person’s body composition and allow one to perform better. An individual’s increased muscle mass, better flexibility, better breathing and reduced fat can all be part of the changes. Yoga also encourages a conscientious mind frame with regard to one’s diet and not engaging in damaging behaviors such as smoking.

Yoga can create a better physical makeup with consistent practice and application. That, in turn, improves mental confidence and capacity, which improves mental outlook as well.

Yoga isn’t a total solution for overall health maintenance, but it definitely helps! People still get sick, catch viruses and grow older. However, yoga can definitely improve a person’s overall health, which in turn creates long-term benefits. These improvements contribute to a less sedentary lifestyle and a better physical maintenance of the body. Improvements that allow one to enjoy life more, stay healthier and maintain a better mental outlook.