Wilmington Yoga Center holds a special place in my heart…

Wilmington Yoga Center holds a special place in my heart. As a graduate of WYC’s Yoga Teacher Training Program, I have had the life-changing experience of learning and growing as a student as well as a teacher with Kristin Cooper and the other teachers at WYC.

I highly recommend the Teacher Training to committed students of all levels interested in diving deeper into the study and life practice of yoga. WYC and its Teacher Training are is unique in that not only are students provided with the support and tools to grow their own practice, but are also encouraged to seek opportunities in which yoga might be shared as a service to others.

As I continue my yoga education through WYC’s 500 hour Teacher Training program, traveling in to Wilmington from out of town for weekend trainings is made extremely convenient by the helpful staff at WYC, as well as a supportive community. Each time I have come to town for training, I have had the opportunity to stay in friendly, affordable homestays- sometimes right on the beach! The staff are eager to share contact information to match commuters like myself with a homestay- much cozier and less costly than hotels! Those who commute on weekends for trainings will find that training schedules allow student to take advantage of regularly scheduled classes of all levels with WYC’s fantastic teachers.

Tidal Creek Co-Op, literally right downstairs from the studio, also offer convenience for meals before and after training sessions, with a delicious array of freshly prepared, local, organic food. When I’m in town for trainings at WYC, it truly feels like being on vacation! I am grateful for this studio, its Teacher Training, and Kristin and the other amazing instructors.

– Carrie Williams