Yoga off the Mat

Often times we arrive on our mats hoping that someday somehow we will finally find a way to be fully liberated from our physical limitations and perhaps even become one of those peaceful looking yogi’s wrapped up like a pretzel all over Instagram and Yoga Journal. After countless hours of stretching combine with conscious awareness of breath we find ourselves in a much sweeter space, a space of presence, peace, and harmony. As we embark on the true journey of “yoga,” yoking body, mind, and spirit, we begin to notice that it is no longer about our “performance” on the mat or how many “option 3’s” we can attain in one class but rather the condition of our hearts while we move and our willingness to stay present with where we are at each pose and each breath. By allowing ourselves space to notice what is happening in the present moment during class, this begins to translate into a more present way of living off the mat as well. By doing this we find that not only is the tension in our physical body fading away but also the tension in our lives. Life becomes an experience to be enjoyed and not because it is perfect but because of the many lessons we learn along the way by staying present with what we feel, see, express, and observe. Taking our yoga off the mat and into the world allows us to offer compassion to others through the abundance of compassion existing in our own hearts. It means learning to let go of the areas of our life we can’t control while still taking responsibility for the choices we can make even when life appears to be out of control. It is the moment in a conversation where we once may have reacted but have learned through present moment living to take a step back and merely observe what we are feeling before placing reactionary judgments on a situation or person. Yoga off the mat shows up in the areas of our life where we can create harmony through melding what our heart deems true, to what our mind deems true, and following that truth up with daily action. Yoga off the mat is giving and receiving from a space of Love, seeking to bring the body (physical world), mind (mental world), and spirit (spiritual world) into one beautiful balance!

Macy <3