Yoga Resources: Meditation

Meditation, or dhyana, is the process of quieting the mind and drawing inward. The ultimate goal of meditation is to connect to our true nature, which is described as peace, happiness or bliss. But finding this state of quiet and calm definitely is a practice – the mind has a mind of its own and as soon as we try to find stillness, the wheels start turning. So, where and how do we begin? One option is certainly to attend a class that offers meditation. But here are a few other meditation resources that you may find helpful, or at the very least, inspire you to stick with your own meditation practice.

Lovingkindess: The Revolutionary Art of Happiness by Sharon Salzberg – this book has exercises and meditations on compassion and lovingkindess – you can search a specific teacher or topic that interests you – you can purchase a guided relaxation meditation through itunes or one of her cd’s